Happiness is happiness

I dare say that everyone wants to be happy. So people are looking for happiness, pursuing happiness and yearning for happiness, but I don’t know who is happy and who is not, but I know happiness is happiness. Because: as long as people meet the status quo, adjust their mentality and treat things with normal […]

Winter language emotion

I have experienced wind and rain, I have seen rainbows, one year after another, just like a blink of an eye. Yesterday’s laughter has become a memory in a hurry, and time has witnessed the past red dream like smoke! Whose missing is the wind on the other side? Uneasy heart, ripples layer by layer, […]

On literature gossip

Literature is a comprehensive art of language and characters. There are only two functions of literature: one is the function of education and guidance. Literary works can not only give people guidance, but also give people spiritual strength. Literary works are a form of propaganda belonging to spiritual civilization. Ideological content is the soul of […]