Are you okay there?

Are you okay there? Once that kind and kind face reflected in my mind again, how much I wanted to have it again! In those years, you brought a lot of helplessness, care and the inability to let us go, just like a city wall which had gone through the wind and rain collapsed in […]

The power of the soul

Facing the powerful opponents in life, what we fear is not his strong and tall body, nor his rudeness and rudeness. As for those ignorance and blind arrogance, it is not worth mentioning. In the long river of human history, whether your status is high or low, your actions are all guided by your soul. […]

Advice for both men and women

Men and women, have you ever known that there is only a piece of paper between the two sexes. This piece of paper is not transparent. On both sides of the paper, it is incomprehensible to each other. However, this piece of paper was broken with a stab. Once it was broken, there would be […]

Grandma I think you

Grandma, I miss you. I really miss you. Can you see me in heaven? I have been a grandmother for a long time, but I still miss you. Where are you, Grandma? I miss you. You are often seen in dreams. You twist your feet around, never rest, either mowing or feeding chickens. You drove […]