The first one was the two aunts who did cleaning, and then the nurse lady who came to measure her father’s temperature. When the nurse who took the temperature just left, the nurse who measured the blood pressure followed in. The nurse who measured the blood pressure hadn’t left yet, and the nurse who sent […]

Don’t let me get drunk alone

Life is like mellow wine/sometimes strong/sometimes thin/years and sentimental drops in my heart/Put your hope/Your Dream/Slowly lean in my arms/put my happiness/my pain/Pour into your wine tonight’s Summer Night breeze slowly, alone I stand in balcony window overlooking, looked at front caoe River Third Ring Road bridge ablaze with lights busy the nighttime north of […]

Misty Rain Hangzhou

After celebrating the Lantern Festival at home, on February 10, I came to Hangzhou, a long-lost city. I am a very nostalgic person, getting used to everything in the past. The West Wensan Road was still so flowing and bustling. There was a cold current in the air, which was still as strong as before. […]