Small dream

Occasionally you can see the sun, and occasionally you can see the moon, but they are not as bright as when they were in childhood. They dyed with the Sky disappear their own outline and will never recover the cleanness in their memory. Therefore, I often forget to look up and appreciate it, or don’t […]

Dubai, you are my third hometown

About to leave, I will bid farewell to the ups and downs of Shangyu, my second hometown, and set foot on the plane to Dubai again, crossing the sea to this emerging city deep in the desert. This time it may last for three years. I can’t believe that I am so keen on this […]

Several moments of meeting Haizi

In I xi shi beginning, have countrymen poet to me a deep influence extremely, the effect is almost into the blood. Two men, one of them is once participated in the first youth poetry poet chen suo ju, another is growth in Huaining county of Anhui province Haizi. Haizi effect on me, and from what […]