Sakyamuni said: The Crazy Heart suddenly rests, and the rest is bodhi. I have never understood the Zen contained in it. Since when did the human mind begin to be polluted to different degrees in the world, and do something that you don’t want to do and shouldn’t do against your will? Now I am […]

Feeling of Life

A few days ago, I went to attend a full moon banquet for a relative’s child. The scene was very grand, with an emcee hosting and a special video. The parents of the child spoke one after another, followed by Grandpa. Host: your grandson’s name is Baiyuan. Can you talk about the origin of this […]

Perception of life

The interview was over, but the results were not satisfactory. My heart was more or less depressed. My daughter comforted me that she should adjust her mind and stop thinking about the past. She didn’t think about the result every time after the test. She ate well when she should eat and slept well when […]