Don’t touch!

People’s thoughts are related to age. Regarding the division of age levels, I wonder if there is a unified standard? I think: the division of age level should be said to be relatively speaking, and there is no absolute definition standard. For example, in society, people with good fates have a very high life span. […]

In winter I

In order to avoid the cold in winter, the doors and windows can only be closed tightly. The transparent glass should be covered with one or two layers of plastic, which will be warmer. With a layer of frost, the glass will not be transparent any more. I, who couldn’t walk, was completely isolated from […]

Dies of memory

One summer in 1985, my mother went to my grandma’s house. We hadn’t seen her for a long time, and we missed her very much. My brother and I went to the place of turtle ao, and chose to go to the player’s house on a big stone beside he Yaowei’s house. I felt bored […]