Beginning of the end

I don’t know when it will start, and the days will become so endless. Things happened at the end of last year seemed like yesterday. The Bell of this year was ringing again. Habitually, at the end of each year, I would write a text, which was the end of the old days, and on […]

Natural cheap life

In the morning, a classmate called me and told me about her drunken experience yesterday. What a pity, you said. It was not easy for me to eat such delicious fish for the first time, and to drink such high-end wine for the first time. You should know that it was my favorite blue wine […]

Redneck country thing

Maybe it is the God of local customs, or the attachment of long separation. When I step on this kind land, I will feel relaxed and happy. The thick nostalgia, soft blood, rich and warm. My hometown is rich and beautiful, with luxuriant and unique scenery everywhere. Beside the road of the village, young Yang […]

A person’s instant noodles

I don’t know when I started, I gradually forgot myself, those worldly disputes, no longer care about gains and losses, no longer so passionate, no longer so sensational, so sentimental. Put yourself in a person’s world, eager for sunshine, but without sunshine, look forward slowly, don’t know what it is. Once, I tried so hard […]