Rainy Night Caprice

Life, walk through the ditch and Ridge, year after year. It is night, listening to the song of rain, the deep heart will be filled with water mist, lost, gained, missed, encountered, painful, happy will rain, ups and downs in the heart sea, I couldn’t sleep for a long time, but in desperation, I was […]

Birthday, I said…..

In my parents’ hometown, my 20th birthday is also a big birthday. Maybe it was because of my interest. My father turned out the diary two or ten years ago, and didn’t find it until then, it turned out that my date of birth recorded in his diary was two months different from the date […]

Look forward to listen and talk

Communication is a very important part of people’s life. Listening and talking are inseparable. The two become important means of communication for people. No matter through words, words, music or other channels, communication channels can be established to connect people’s hearts. Being willing to listen, learning to listen and being good at listening is indeed […]