How many nights, so quietly, silently staring out of the window. I have been waiting for you for a thousand years. Looking against the window, the street lamp was clear and dark. The small trees beside the road changed from luxuriant to dead branches, the wild geese came and went, the thin rain Silk turned […]

Grassland of dream

Waiting for you to stay in November every time when you are tired, Zhanjiang is blowing the cool sea breeze as usual. I have met her for the nth time. She still carried that big backpack, but she could leave a feeling of empty and flat. The bright brown curly hair was distributed behind the […]

Happiness is in the side

What is happiness? Some people say that happiness means wealth, status, happy marriage, longevity, health, beauty, success in career, good food, well dressed, good living, etc. In fact, this view is wrong, but this is not the case. Now there are many people with wealth and status, and they may not live happily. In fact, […]