Piano injury

Chapter1 the place where the sea and sky Connect/is the sunset/wooden deck/The whole time/is the golden yellow/the outline of your backlight/Just like a silhouette/full of imagination/anyone can love me and stand in the distant place you can’t see, you are standing on the stairs opposite to my glasses. I can see your most beautiful side […]

The new girl in the class

In this semester, there are 60 children in the class. When they stand on the platform, they will speak out involuntarily. After a class, they often feel dry and tired. That morning, the principal came to me and said that a child would be transferred from the class. I felt very helpless because most people […]

Brand Confusion

Belle always likes the shoes, and has always been its most loyal customer. I like it not only because it is one of the most famous brands of women’s shoes in China, but also because of its perfect after-sales service. Every time I go shopping, I can’t help glancing at its counter to see if […]