If the heart is like Lotus, it is like Bodhi

— Inscription a person’s appearance is born by his parents. No one can choose his or her own appearance, but it can be changed through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. Buddha said that Xiang is born from the heart, everything starts from the heart, and you have beautiful things in your heart, and […]

The snow fell unscrupulously in March

March was originally a season of gentle breeze, catkin and smoke, and everything recovered, but now everything is not as warm and romantic as imagined. The bitter wind blew, still a little biting. The cold went through the bottom of my heart like electric speed, and then spread from the bottom of my heart to […]

Several moments of meeting Haizi

In I xi shi beginning, have countrymen poet to me a deep influence extremely, the effect is almost into the blood. Two men, one of them is once participated in the first youth poetry poet chen suo ju, another is growth in Huaining county of Anhui province Haizi. Haizi effect on me, and from what […]