Small pendant ticket

I like to collect a thin ticket at the end of each journey, add labels, clip it in a book on the head of the bed, and sleep with those deep and shallow footprints. In the romantic summer, white clouds floated, sitting alone in the carriage, watching the scenery passing by outside the window hurriedly, […]

Women, cheer for themselves

Hot summer cheers for the sunshine, galloping waves cheer for the sea, floating leaves cheer for maturity, and flying snow cheer for the past. Who does the confused beautiful woman sing? Then I tell you, please cheer for yourself! A beautiful woman is a scenery. Zhang Chao, a poet in the early Qing Dynasty, described […]

Moon in unknown

On the afternoon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lingjun called me and said that brother Mei Shi had an appointment with his friends in the city tonight to enjoy the moon in Yunmeng Pavilion in Nanhu Lake. How could such a good opportunity be spared? After dinner, I went there happily. Having lived in Yueyang for […]