Like flowers

The breeze blows, the drizzle is decadent, is it pouring out? Is shallow sing? Or sad? The slight feelings are filled with smiles, and my thoughts are wisps. Among all the plants, I like flowers most, just that kind of involuntarily love. Maybe flowers bloom and fall perfectly and give poetic and pictorial meanings, right? […]

Give me some space

Everyone has their own living, communication, life, work and other spaces, which are the most fundamental existence of constructing social system. However, between couples, space is also needed. This space is based on the most narrow field of self except the above large space. There is no complicated social relationship, away from the noise, away […]

Men love wine, men love women more

Pour my sorrow/my sorrow/gently into your eyes/Pour my happiness/my pain/wine into your hands/Pour your hope/Your Dream/Slowly lean on in my arms/Put your loss/your bitterness/Toast Me One Cup after another/life is like mellow wine/sometimes strong and sometimes thin/sentimental years/drip in my heart/Don’t let me drunk alone/Don’t let me walk alone/you accompany me on the lonely road/Wake […]

Mid-Autumn emotion

Tonight, the weather is cool and cool, and it is mid-autumn festival again. But the sky is full of gray clouds. Have you ever seen the affectionate Moon, and there is no trace? The round Bright Moon can only be found in ancient poems. Mid-Autumn Festival is always sad for me, a frustrated person. Looking […]