Dip a Ink, V Moonlight heart

Time has Diluted people’s memory, time has eroded people’s morale, and everything in the past has passed with the past! Like the wind, no shadow, no rain, no sound, no fog, no trace! But I, deep in my heart, in the center of my heart, still remember you, still love you, still miss you! The […]

Praise to good messengers

Beautiful things often arouse people’s beautiful reverie. People yearn for beautiful things and pursue beauty. Advocating beauty also seems to be the eternal theme of life. Beautiful things are the masterpieces of nature, the marvelous workmanship of nature and the gift of nature to people,. Nature has its own unique landscape throughout the year. The […]

Light life, sweet taste

Life is boundless, boundless life. Looking at the elegant and beautiful appearance, everything can not withstand the ravages of time. Facing reality, there is always a lot of helplessness; Facing ideal, there is always a lot of confusion; Facing oneself, there is always a lot of stranding; Facing others, there are always a lot of […]