On that day, the little aunt of the child who was far away from hometown called and specially consulted some questions about filling in the blanks of ancient poems. The topic is not difficult, but the method of the topic is very interesting. The performance is as follows: first, several blanks are all from outside […]

Happiness in a casual moment

[1] “My Father” is on the official list! It must be accidental that I don’t know. For me who doesn’t care about this, at that moment, my mood is also occupied by happiness. It is a gift I gave to my father on Father’s Day! My family is very strange. They all love each other, […]


Meditation is a very strong topic, but now I have to fall into endless meditation, because my life is dull or dull. Whenever I stop and listen to the life of all things quietly and carefully, there will always be endless thoughts floating in my heart like feathers. Every time I think of countless hard-to-answer […]