Hello, my inner child

After having dinner with the guests, I couldn’t get rid of my unspeakable sadness for quite a while. I know that my inner child was stimulated. On the dining table, the restaurant was very slow to serve at the wedding banquet, and it was almost interrupted twice in the middle, which gave people the impression […]

The singing of a bird in spring

After a rainy day, the sky should be as clear as a wash, and as bright and clean as a big mirror. The bright sunshine came from the sky and fell gently on the Earth. I, who was under house arrest on the bed, involuntarily leaned over and looked out of the window emotionally. A […]

And make me blue

These words are written to the life that has always been appreciate each other. They are like the salty summer breeze gently rippling on the beach. The low waves receded faintly, leaving a few colorful broken shells. The soft pure golden sand gave off a slight halo in the sunset, and a group of seagulls […]