Deep Memory

Although I leaned against the market, I didn’t go there for a long time. When I had nothing to do in the evening, I strolled there and saw all kinds of food stalls filled with fried dumplings, fried pancakes, the owner of the egg cake was busy greeting the guests. Well, it smells good. A […]

Went to the window?

I am used to standing in front of the window and staring at the distance, letting my thoughts float in the wind. All sorrow and resentment turn into floating clouds and drift far away to the sky. Impatient Heart, want to find a peace; Tired people, want to find a place to rest. Suddenly one […]

Feeling lonely

I often think that if there is an afterlife, if you can choose by yourself, let me make a tree. Watching people coming and going each day is busy. In the wind and rain, the scenery is different; In sunny days and snowy days, the elegant demeanour is different; The graceful posture of day and […]