2011, thank you for having you all the way

It is said that Wuhan was covered by heavy fog on the first morning of 2012. I don’t know if this indicates anything. I just know that I opened my tired eyes, when I climbed up from the shallow consciousness in my dream bleary, the strong light of the fluorescent lamp made my pupil wet. […]

Avoiding the occurrence of love tragedy is the motivation and root of Cao Xueqin’s writing A Dream of Red Mansions

I have published several articles about a dream of red mansions on the Internet, which didn’t attract others’ attention. Of course, that was in my expectation. Because I am neither an expert or scholar working in the national professional Redology research institution, nor a famous Redologist, nor a full-time researcher or associate researcher of the […]

All kinds of life [literature monthly]]

Rest on weekends, but don’t sleep late. I don’t know whether my body has special potential or something else. As the sunlight passes through the clouds and penetrates my eyelids, I am like a cursed ghost. I stand up straight and turn on the computer, it seems that I am carrying out some secret things, […]