In a corner, I accidentally found a photo album. The photo was a little yellow, which was my young self. Time flies so fast that I am already middle-aged. Looking at some childish photos, it was my real self. I don’t know when I learned to disguise, as if I forgot tears and sadness. There […]

How could the world be so sad

Met two migrant workers who come. Running in rainy days, looking for a place to avoid the rain. When passing by them, my umbrella accidentally came across one of the migrant workers with red jacket and trousers, and I had to say sorry for the good future. But he immediately smiled and said sorry to […]

Remarriage why hard?

Remarriage? Remarriage is actually not difficult, and it is not easy to find someone in the world? Some men and women get married after a few days of divorce. The difficulty is happiness. Without this content, even if you have been married for many times, it can only be a formal follow-up without any substance. […]