Year-end trivia

In a few days, the new year will be coming! My daughter called and said that she would not fly home from Wuhan until lunar December 28. The lover then asked her whether she was cold or not? What do you want to eat at home? She said it was very cold, and it was […]

Cursory, look at life

What kind of sadness, or grief, accumulates in my heart. Then it melted in the blood, shaking bit by bit. And what is hidden under the words is always my sadness and joy, which can never be touched by others. Therefore, life is gradually enlarged under the words. Life is a stove, burning memory, but […]


The weather is very depressing, just like the mood I used to have. A little tired, a little painful, because I didn’t want others to find my vulnerability, but pretended to be strong. Stop the tears, let the depressed feeling manyan. I remembered the black memories in those gloomy times, which covered the beauty cruelly […]