Empty swing

It has always been there, carrying wind, rain and sunshine. It has carried the sweet feelings of two people, and also carried the lonely silence of one person. I said, let’s go to Chaoyang Park tomorrow. You escaped from my eyes and hesitated to answer, OK. Then there is no word. I sneered in my […]

Don’t be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend

Men’s basketball team, don’t ask me how much I gain or lose? Like you, I always feel lonely. Attacking is my state, and taking a break in the busy is the life I yearn. Don’t envy me. In fact, I am just a legend. Thank you for your pursuit and love for me. As long […]

Where is Spring

Spring is coming. In the mood and blog of friends, spring is everywhere, with pink and willow green everywhere, singing and dancing. In my own environment, I can’t find the breath of spring. The unbeaten flowers, green leaves in four seasons and warm winter like spring make people feel the expectation of a winter, the […]