Cool memory [folk art] Solicitation

I like it, small street in ancient town. It didn’t change its taste because of the baptism of modernization, and it was still so tranquil and simple. Walking in the town, all kinds of special snacks, various kinds of local specialties, and the sound of selling constantly mingled into a long and ancient picture scroll. […]


You are so kind to me, what reason do I have to cry? What qualifications do you have to be sad? Just because the inexplicable scumbags or trifles hurt the heart you loved so much, even the God would not agree, so I ignored those sorrows because of you. Even no matter how big the […]

Those who met and knew each other, don’t forget

I have seen the prosperity, l passed by loneliness, missed love, and experienced wind and rain. Running in the silent days, there is no experience that I want to express deliberately. Time runs away year after year. I want to say something, but I don’t know where to start, I didn’t know the end after […]