Time, those years

In 2011, my favorite song was Walk. I remember that one day when I was doing extracurricular activities, I stood in front of the windowsill of the classroom, with headphones in my hands, and my voice was louder. The hysterical scream poured into my ears like water, and suddenly there was a feeling of leaping […]

As in lan shan

See the Lu Xiaoman wrote “cry friction”, I for Spoony little man worried crack lung, small Ord in the recollection and Shima life together, regret on Shima friendship indifference, every word V love, sentence heartbreaking. However, world impermanence, accidents will happen, ren you dan xi huo fu. No one knows what will happen on the […]

Random thought: be a natural person

I haven’t mentioned the pen for a long time, I feel a lot strange. I suddenly want to write something tonight. Be a natural person and write poems and paintings without regrets! To be a true person, you don’t need to hide or feel wronged. It is a kind of smile to face different worlds. […]