Shaving the think

I occasionally looked in the mirror at home last night, and suddenly found that I was so old in the mirror, and the wrinkles left on my face by years were getting deeper and deeper, the beard turned gray like being beaten by frost. Especially after staying up late, the beard grows crazily. So I […]

Silence, Time Machine “piano stage art”

Some time ago, they began to say goodbye, but there was still no end, so those things still exist lightly until now. Many things, in this way, exist for many years, perhaps, will exist for many years. What I want to forget is good? Or is it just a period of time without any difference? […]

Inspiration click

Life is like a cup of tea. It will not suffer for a lifetime, but it will always suffer for a while. You should have courage to lower your head and confidence to raise your head. What matters in life is not where you stand, but where you are heading. Only thinking about no action […]