Gently, you left

I wrote blog in “literature blog website” for more than four years. Although it continued from time to time, I also enjoyed myself; What’s more, I gained a lot of knowledge when I got acquainted with some similar blog friends and made comments together; moreover, through this platform, it is quite pleasant to know some […]

Dear, I forgot!

Dear baby, when I sit by the bed and watch you sleep peacefully, I have a lot of words in my heart to say to you. Just a few minutes ago, when I was reading in the study, suddenly a strong sense of regret occupied my heart. I came to your side quietly in self-accusation. […]

Wild chrysanthemum two questions [piano stage Art]]

The wild chrysanthemum on the half slope flows down from the hillside, with clusters of golden flowers flowing through the ordinary, plain and warm movement of the half slope. Whenever I pass by the wild chrysanthemum on the half slope, I can’t help slowing down my steps, gently breathing its soft fragrance, and its petite […]