A small envelope is still very backward in that communication equipment. It is not as developed as it is now, and mobile phones are still rare in the world. It has become the only dependent tool for us to contact our feelings, the infinite emotion in my heart is all pinned on that small stamp, […]


When it comes to writing letters, I believe that many people are familiar with them. Many people have written and sent letters. However, with the development of science and technology, letters are gradually replaced by mobile phone text messages, in the past, my friends exchanged letters frequently. At that time, the relationship between people was […]

Release Yourself

There was an occasional heavy rain in March, which was pattering. Just passing by, I smelled the smell of sunshine. The falling of the rain just washed out the dirt in the air and fell into the dust. On the wet Street, vehicles slid over, wheels ran over, splashed water, splashed trousers of passers-by, and […]