Tell you, I am also useful

Hello everyone, I am grape seed, there is a layer of shell outside, there is also flesh inside, I believe you will not be strange to me! Everyone has heard this saying, eating grapes does not spit grape skin, and eating grapes does not spit grape skin. But when you eat grapes, no matter whether […]

Piano injury

Chapter1 the place where the sea and sky Connect/is the sunset/wooden deck/The whole time/is the golden yellow/the outline of your backlight/Just like a silhouette/full of imagination/anyone can love me and stand in the distant place you can’t see, you are standing on the stairs opposite to my glasses. I can see your most beautiful side […]

Waiting for prosperity, those chaotic years (Dreams)

Once, I imagined a certain day, a certain place, a certain person. I would paint colors for my sky, but I was wrong. The sky was not because of you and me. And painted with the opposite color, the only black and white world in my sky sometimes feels that we meet, we are wrong […]