Happy Birthday to You

The birthday of ordinary people is too common to mention. Whether the protagonist or others, it is probably not the same thing at all. However, when many people always remember your birthday clearly, on the same day of each year, convey his or her mind in various ways, narrating, it represents some touching blessings and […]

Life zhi huan song

The illusion of life in every dark night, I listened to the water-like song gently, and felt it, and once again entered the artistic conception fantasy. My instinctive obsession with music melted into the charm of my inseparable life. The notes, which were as light as charms, were dancing in the empty and silent room […]

I in the country

My life in the countryside is actually very simple.. When I got up in the morning, when it was just dawn, I went around the field in the wild. At this time, the town was still in a hazy sleep, and the mountains in the distance did not wake up from the dream. Dewdrops were […]