Momo’s story

I like to smell the faint ink fragrance emitted from the gap of books; I am used to looking for the footprints of the long river of history along the crooked pictographic; I prefer to close my eyes and hold my breath, listening to my ears, the Eternity of rustling from books to books. After […]

Wandering Heart

In a few days, I will give up all the comfort and food and clothing in my home, as well as those love, hate and sorrow, with my empty luggage and backpack on my shoulder, and say goodbye to my relatives and friends again, leave the hot land of my hometown where I was born […]

The forgotten dream flowers fall

The fog dispersed and the flowers were broken. Finally, I saw the truth clearly, which was the sadness after waking up from a dream. Colorful neon, the songs of love curl up, the songs are not enough for the troubles of the world of mortals. No matter how beautiful the fireworks are, it will not […]