Listen to birds

There is a big tree outside the office window, and a group of unknown birds perched on the branch. These birds chirped and sang on the branches like a group of innocent and happy children. When I opened the window and saw the twittering birds, I felt a little happy in my heart. I wanted […]

Shallow sing

Every word comes from heart, every bit comes from feeling. The woman who was not sad or unhappy under the umbrella was singing some and no words and literary feelings… prose online watching the rain hitting the umbrella drop by drop, there is no sound, maybe I can’t hear it, anyway, it is very quiet. […]

The first Spring Thunder in 2012

Yesterday was the last day of lunar January of the year of the Dragon. At night, the sky was drizzling and raining continuously. It was about ten o’clock in the evening. I was lying on the bed, reading newspapers and periodicals, and suddenly saw a dazzling lightning tearing apart the night, then there was a […]