Say something for “sycophane”

In life, there are often people talking behind the back that so-and-so flatter is a typical sycophant, and his disdainful expression shows his contempt. I often take part in similar judgement, but calm down and think about it, I still feel that people who flatter themselves have their own difficulties and hardships. Therefore, I think […]

Meet troubles

Spring is very familiar to me, and the memory of spring in my life is also rich and colorful. Sometimes it is like my floral shirt, floating in the warm wind. Some are my favorite bowknot shaking on the braid. Spring is kind to many people. They sow diligently and revel in the spring flowers. […]

Good works are Virtue

Good deeds are behaviors that meet the moral requirements for the society and others, and usually have beneficial consequences. It is a good deed to save people’s lives and win the seventh-level pagoda. It is also a good deed to relieve people’s hardship and donate charity. It is also a good deed to donate food, […]