Mountain of memory

This is the only reason that mountaineer George maloli gave why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. I like the mountains, but it is not as vigorous and persistent as George, and the courage to give life at any time. What I like is a kind of light, like a pencil sketch, giving up that […]

Lonely dance is another Valentine’s Day

If I miss you most in a year, I will leave it today as scheduled, 2. 14. Western traditional Valentine’s Day. The meaningless amorous feelings were not washed away by the wind and rain of bachelors, but the deep-buried hatred had vanished in the current. Another Valentine’s Day, but it was destined not to be […]

2011, White season

On the Broken Bridge and the West Lake Bank, who is the cold moonlight on the river. Withered Lotus residual, Saibei days, equal shares to Jiangnan. In December, only a few fallen leaves shook the fleeting year carelessly, and the whole city fell into a barren land. 1.{There is no pity for the flowers falling […]

liu yue mood

It was originally green, fat, thin, red and green leaves. The scenery was warm and the world was relaxed and happy. My heart should have been like this, but the helpless June was a good season for field people to harvest. The continuous drizzle makes people feel uneasy; Although I also want romance, my words […]