It rains a lot, I feel so sad

Whose eyes can touch whose eyebrows, whose smiles can resist whose tears, whose hearts can hold whose reincarnation, whose palm prints can be redeemed, whose sins still remember Xu Zhimo’s sad and beautiful poetry, it seemed that he gave me so much sorrow in front of the peach blossom branch at that time, and he […]


Life is fate. In society, there are not only great men, Giants, but also ordinary people and ordinary people; There are not only professors, researchers, journalists, writers, editors, but also peasants, workers, soldiers, policemen and businessmen; There are not only rich people, there are also poor people; There are not only political party leaders, heads […]

Suddenly remembered

The distance that can be touched by eyes is still a vast expanse of white. Winter comes quietly like this. No matter looking far away or close at hand, it is always the same color, in the natural brushwork, the winter in the North is always the same as before, and its cool tone will […]

Still waters run deep

I like to be an old-style woman, hiding in a small building to be unified, doing feminine red, chanting poems, occasionally drawing two strokes or something. But it was a pity that I was born in the wrong era, so I had to ridicule myself. My old-fashioned female complex will become a pain forever in […]