In Mekong water

We chose a weekend with bright spring and warm weather. We went to an island in Dongting Lake to salvage the green of March. A boat sent us to an unknown lake island. I got off the boat, but I saw the grass growing in the sky, and the eyes were full of green and […]

Talk About Love

Dormitory chat, speaking of love. A friend disappeared for several days, and later she learned that she stayed in the dormitory all day long because of breaking up with snacks and rolls of paper on the table. And she looked at the sensational Korean TV series with tears and snot. When I saw her, she […]

Review of Ant Tribe’s struggle

The struggle of ant tribe, with the passion and dream of young people, fetters the worries and missing of thousands of families. This is not a good movie, but also mixed with false elements, but it truly reflects a real problem. The Dream of young people living at the bottom of the society is shown […]

My Candy

Do children like candy? I think so. My baby is less than two years old, and he has been pestering me all day, telling me to eat sugar and eat sugar in words that only I can understand. Many adults also like to eat it. There is sugar in my bag constantly. When I am […]