Create a mood for yourself

Through the time and space of time, create a state of mind for yourself in the time and space, leave a beauty for yourself; Through the fleeting time like water, create a state of mind for yourself in the fleeting time, and feel yourself quietly, gradually I understand that there are many kinds of happiness […]


It is still the road we have traveled in those years. Looking back, what will be left? You once told me that we can only be friends. Why is the journey of love blocked. I saw the snow again in my heart, but I lost my way lonely. I still remember for many years that […]

Remarriage why hard?

Remarriage? Remarriage is actually not difficult, and it is not easy to find someone in the world? Some men and women get married after a few days of divorce. The difficulty is happiness. Without this content, even if you have been married for many times, it can only be a formal follow-up without any substance. […]

Winter rain

The sky was gray, covered by a huge gray-white curtain. Looking up, it looks like a huge white and gray canvas. A few pieces of clouds with various postures that have been dipped in thick ink are flowing quietly on them. The edges and corners are like mountains, the twists and turns are like rivers, […]