Some Thoughts Concerning Marriage

These days, maybe by the end of the year, some migrant workers went home early, taking advantage of the New Year’s goods at home, and gathered their hands. Today, it is not the family to marry a daughter, tomorrow is the family to get married. One after another, they played with great fanfare and made […]

Flower soul

Staring at the window, on the balcony next door, which is only one step away from my home, there is a Blooming Gardenia. Just like a white cloud, it is purer than a cloud; Just like a glittering snow, it is more graceful than a snow; Or abstract plain and clean, how can it contain […]

Singing on the landscape of the soul

I fly the kite of thought and let my soul walk on the landscape. I walked on the muddy road in the countryside, and my thoughts were entangled by this thick nostalgia. I am sad for my ancestors who live in poverty. My relatives who face the loess and face the sky, why can’t you […]