Train (piano stage art)

I don’t remember when I left the train tickets on purpose, so I put them in my wallet one by one until there were too many tickets. During this period, some of them were confiscated ruthlessly during outbound ticket checking. One by one, new or old, full of the smell of RMB. Some of them […]

I would like to go by the wind

Turn into raindrops, blend into lover’s wine cup, drink sweet, starry sky on the moon, blink with stars, feel the warmth of soft light and moonlight night, walk with sunset, smile to see the flashy and vicissitudes of life Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) change the way to continue to stay with this city I […]

Beginning of the end

I don’t know when it will start, and the days will become so endless. Things happened at the end of last year seemed like yesterday. The Bell of this year was ringing again. Habitually, at the end of each year, I would write a text, which was the end of the old days, and on […]

Winter · snowflake tears · laugh

Winter condenses a face wandering in the world. The original leisure mood suddenly dropped to the lowest point after a period of travel. At this time, in its mind, those decadent and yellow weeds, dried branches and bitter sand in the wilderness lingered. Even the chirping birds closed their mouths. What made people more annoyed […]