Thoughts of writing long novels

Maybe I am very arrogant, but I am very confident. I have been studying writing for a long time, and finally I have not achieved much, but I am not discouraged; Because I like literature and regard literature as life; I often think that maybe I won’t be famous for writing for my whole life, […]

Say something for “sycophane”

In life, there are often people talking behind the back that so-and-so flatter is a typical sycophant, and his disdainful expression shows his contempt. I often take part in similar judgement, but calm down and think about it, I still feel that people who flatter themselves have their own difficulties and hardships. Therefore, I think […]


When my sister came back to visit her mother, she talked about the old things, which were always vivid, making me far away from my childhood, with ups and downs in heart and sleepless all night. I couldn’t help thinking of the past, those unforgettable days, the class where the book was loud, and you […]