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Looking at their constantly updated mood after finishing the CET-4, I don’t know why I can still be so calm that I can’t remember any details. When I have something to do, I will not feel wronged. At least when I feel wronged, I am not empty. I can still do what I like. I […]

Lonely Soul

In reality, like ordinary people, I went to work on time, making jokes, eating, drinking, pulling and sleeping. However, when there is no one or alone, my soul seems extremely active, I can think about things that others never think about, and think about things that others think are alarmist, because deep in my soul, […]

No past

Last night, a strange friend came to my QQ. Once she added me, she asked eagerly: are you from Nan’an! I said: Yes, I am from Nan’an Honglai! She asked me: Is Hong Lai far from the dock? I said it was not far away, they were all in Nan’an City. I asked her what […]