Cherish life

Sister Wang opened a sweat steaming restaurant in her house. I often went to her house, and we became friends one after another. A few days ago, she went to her daughter’s home in Beijing, and naturally the responsibility of taking care of her shop fell on my shoulder. Her family has several pots of […]

Love you for thousands of years

There was silence all around. The night in the suburb was especially silent, and there was no sound of fallen leaves. Looking up, I could only see the thin moon hanging quietly. The beauty of the world cannot let go of the blurred and soft beauty of the moonlit night. I haven’t written for a […]

Silence, Time Machine “piano stage art”

Some time ago, they began to say goodbye, but there was still no end, so those things still exist lightly until now. Many things, in this way, exist for many years, perhaps, will exist for many years. What I want to forget is good? Or is it just a period of time without any difference? […]