Spring rain ticking

Hickory Dickory Dock, tonal tonal flat. Spring rain lightly twirled on the silent night with clear and definite rhythm. I listened carefully under the window with devout and clean ears. Listening to the patter of rain is like listening to the Book of Songs, listening to the sounds of nature, listening to a long-lost wind […]

Hibernating snakes

The night is already deep, and I want to ask softly: friend, have you slept? Recently, there are new regulations for foreigners to buy houses in Beijing, and the oil price has also risen two days ago. In addition, Xidan girls went to the Spring Festival Gala, which led more people to pour into the […]

Right half face, scar-love, memorial ceremony

I remember Song Dandan once wrote in his microblog: at the age of 19, he looked forward to his disability every day even if he was fractured, so that he could watch him all day long and prove how much he loved him, he passed away at two o’clock this morning. Sitting on the balcony […]