Let’s go and talk

I am not used to telling my happiness, nor writing my sadness on my face. Although my body and mind are tired, I hide all the peace and endless loneliness in my heart, face everyone with a seemingly peaceful heart; I don’t know whether it is lucky or unfortunate. However, in this February, at this […]

Woman bones of desolation

The quiet afternoon, the lazy sunshine poured over the whole cabin through the window, the warmth spread all over the body instantly, and the messy thoughts wandered around with the disordered mood. The desolation in the bones that women are born with finally makes women more miserable because they meet love, move love, sink in […]

With Mom and Dad to travel

Plan your life, so clearly describe what you want to do in words one by one. After reading it, you suddenly sigh with emotion. Maybe it is because you haven’t had such a plan for a long time. Maybe it is, in the daily running, I have forgotten such details, which can bring more surprises […]

See streamer gone

The old year is over, and the New Year is coming. The time was narrow and the finger seam was wide. It was the end of the world that the Mayans predicted in the legend in 2012. I am a person without faith. If you don’t believe in the Lord, Shakyamuni, Allah, and even more, […]