I just suddenly miss someone,

I don’t know how gorgeous the flowers bloom in this season, whether it is worth waiting for, nor do I know how sinking the moment the sun rises, whether it is worth flying moths to the fire, I don’t know how long I can hold on, stop at the place of the world of mortals […]

I am not used to life, but to love

Yiyi is a woman who is good at both poetry and literature in the ancient capital Xi’an. I have never seen the beauty, but I have seen a few Jade photos, elegant and elegant. What impressed me most was her sincerity to her friends. But there was nothing I could do about her illness, so […]

Feel life

Happiness is actually very simple. It is just a kind of feeling, a kind of touching, a kind of life that you feel with your heart. Happiness can only be found from the heart. When you find happiness, your life will also become sunny. No matter in prosperity or desolation, no matter in poverty or […]

Balcony on star flower

When my eyes touched it, I was immediately attracted by its graceful dance in the wind. Its casual soft branches were like a young girl’s flourishing waist, reserved without affectation. When the willow branches stretch out and the winter jasmine flowers bloom into the eyes, the Pentas flowers can only be called five-star grass. It […]