Who hurt our children?

Last Friday was the day when children returned to school to get their transcripts. Although the state now makes three orders and five applications and clearly points out that students’ academic scores should not be published, the scores are always a double-edged sword hanging on children’s heads. I got my grades back, and some people […]

Fireworks easy cold

The first thing to go to work every day is not to sit seriously and work hard, but to open the space. Let’s see who published a new statement or log. When you encounter those striking or similar words, you will focus your eyes and chew them carefully. Today, I opened it as usual, and […]

Women need to care, men also need to care

Hello, I don’t know your name, let’s call you that for the moment. First of all, I want to thank you for the happiness you have brought me over a month. Your net name is that happiness goes with each other. If you get good, you will be as famous as others. Although we have […]

Road had?

No matter it is the main road or the path, whether it is the spacious Highway or the Yangchang trail in the country, every road is day and night, silently bearing the pressure from the outside world. Whether it is cold or hot, it stretches silently and is trampled by others. In this era of […]