I only read leisure books in my hometown

Standing in front of the window of the hotel, I overlook the wine to the sky, the misty and rainy world, and the clouds and water wandering. I have been to Wuxi for many times. I have been familiar with Yuantouzhu, Lingshan Giant Buddha, Three Kingdoms city, Water Margin City, Huishan Park where a Bing […]

Say, dear, give it to yourself

Dear, you are now 20 years old, and I know that you are also trying to spend the rest of your time in an elegant manner. I suddenly want to say a lot to you today. Dear, you are already 20 years old. From then on, you are no longer a teenager, no one will […]

Language of strength

I really can’t find a reason for you. Words are like weeds cut one after another, not the maturity of the season! It feels like the weakness of getting night blindness, just like what kind of trace element is lacking in my biology class teacher’s examination of night blindness. Up to now, I understand that […]