Don’t say hello bitter tired

I have experienced too many difficulties, suffered too much, and paid too much love, but it is still far from your expected goal. Although you are exhausted and physically and mentally exhausted, don’t say that you are so tired. Don’t say that you are so tired, because you are a man. It is a man […]

Look back, look ahead

The warm spring breeze splashed on my cheeks, gently drifting to the edge of my thoughts. Looking at the new life that has spurted branches and buds, the eyes show the prosperity in the Peach Blossom Garden. If everything is the same, I can spend the rest of my happy life with my closest relatives. […]

A person’s instant noodles

I don’t know when I started, I gradually forgot myself, those worldly disputes, no longer care about gains and losses, no longer so passionate, no longer so sensational, so sentimental. Put yourself in a person’s world, eager for sunshine, but without sunshine, look forward slowly, don’t know what it is. Once, I tried so hard […]

Spring breeze children

When we were sitting in the classroom and listening to the Chinese teacher reading the wind of spring written by him, we turned our heads out of the window curiously, looking for the wind of spring. Outside the window, spring is coming from a distance intensively. Look: The Willow outside the window was still bare […]