Occasionally think of you

The scene of encounter is a familiar fragment, which reminds me of you, friend. Three or two young boys gathered together with strange expressions, muttering in their mouths as if they were plotting a plan for a certain purpose. Who is the fruit of a tree? Ducks wandering in the river? Mixed phase stand. Naughty […]

Little Flower forcing rain

Early in the morning, the autumn wind is blowing, and the lead cloud is heavy. The Little Raindrops drifted in the cool wind. As soon as the summer heat was over, the cold air came. The lush world was highlighted with a few rays of yellow, dazzling. Sigh, old age, nothing, sad! I came to […]

At that time, we were still young

Sometimes, I would leave everything aside without scruple, leave all the sadness and pain behind my head, and ride my bike along the long endless path. I once walked along such a familiar path, but gradually found myself lost and had no direction. Maybe I would encounter something, maybe I would encounter it. At that […]

Hotel California

On the highway, the passenger plane and I were chatting everywhere on the bus, which was loaded with dozens of tons of long-distance goods. The driver is a middle-aged man with more than twenty years of experience, and chatting is an effective means to restrain sleepiness in long distance, which is the basic common sense. […]