Mind one-man show

In the noisy world, you often need to have your own space to stay alone. Here, you can release your soul, think about everything, and think about anything. The beauty of being alone comes with it, and the warmth comes with it. When one is alone, poverty is also rich, loneliness is also happy. When […]

Elixir, feelingly

The world’s most precious not wealth, but a sincere friendship, because wealth does not permanent, but friends are a once in a lifetime friend, world of friendship because selfless and pure, colorful space for friends blessing and warm, not because busy and alienate, more not because of time scouring and forget you, autumn winter snow, […]

Mid-Autumn emotion

Tonight, the weather is cool and cool, and it is mid-autumn festival again. But the sky is full of gray clouds. Have you ever seen the affectionate Moon, and there is no trace? The round Bright Moon can only be found in ancient poems. Mid-Autumn Festival is always sad for me, a frustrated person. Looking […]

Join hands in the South to feel life

On July 26th, 2011, a friend of mine told me that he had an article to participate in the ocean essay contest in my heart in nanfang.com and asked me to register. If he thought his article was good, just vote for me. I really registered for nanfang.com and voted for his article. After that, […]

As warm as in spring

The cold wind attacked this small city again, causing too many memories. Indus leaves chased the steps of winter, leaving a flustered back, which made people pity. I don’t know when I started to like the weather here. It raises memories in every abnormal weather change, which is like a life-long agreement attached to a […]