Photo-evoke warm memories

In everyone’s heart, there will be a desire to leave traces in the years. When the long years are getting farther and farther, when the yellowed photos are listed in front of us, it is a sad look back, revealing the vicissitudes of happiness, every photo carries too much weight, just like the years in […]

Lonely Soul

In reality, like ordinary people, I went to work on time, making jokes, eating, drinking, pulling and sleeping. However, when there is no one or alone, my soul seems extremely active, I can think about things that others never think about, and think about things that others think are alarmist, because deep in my soul, […]

Poor children of diamond

Every time I look up at the starry sky, I will remember the deep night sky. Through the stars, the gray figures in the distant wheat field were looming. In the dim night, the sound of insects around my ears was deafening. On such a quiet night, the touch between our soles and the land […]


That night, when I went to the class for tutoring, I found that Xiaoning was crying and asking her questions. The classmates around me felt aggrieved one after another and pointed the spearhead at me, saying that I hurt her, but they were still pretending to be confused. I was surprised, did I hurt her? […]