Shallow happy

Each of us has the land to grow a good mood, depending on whether you work hard or not. Do you have enough flexibility to resist depression? Suddenly I found that life was so simple that I didn’t need to think over and over again to be complicated, and I didn’t need to worry about […]

American chocolate

During my long 18-year hotel career trip, I was deeply impressed by two bosses. One is a strict teacher who taught me the operation and management knowledge of hotels many years ago, emphasizing the role of strict and complete management system in hotels and paying attention to the professional degree of managers in enterprises, professional […]

Feel life

Happiness is actually very simple. It is just a kind of feeling, a kind of touching, a kind of life that you feel with your heart. Happiness can only be found from the heart. When you find happiness, your life will also become sunny. No matter in prosperity or desolation, no matter in poverty or […]

Fragrance after

Reading “The clouds of Peking”, naturally there are waves of sadness. The world is changeable. No matter what, life runs according to the established procedures. It seems that many things can’t be forced. Even if you want to treat a person well for 10,000 times, you can accompany him with you with ease and ease. […]